Sunday, June 23, 2013

Slowly dying in the South...ready for God's best

A Jersey girl born with so many dreams....losing sight of who she was meant to be.
Leaving the bright lights and the trains behind. She lived a life that many considered divine. 
She knew that her gift from God was indeed her family, but she also knew that there was indeed a fine line to living the life God intended....... you see.

So in all her sacrificing and doing what was right, she realized how much she had truly lost sight, lost sight of her vision and her dreams. 
Why can't we have it all, why must there always be a loser it seems?

All she ever wanted was to see everyone win, all she ever wanted was to continue to stay far from sin. 

All she ever loved she had so close to her heart. Yet apart of her was dying slowly, it was all tearing her apart.

Something inside her wanted so much more out of life but there was a voice always reminding her to settle for less. It was time she figured out what was truly God's best.

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