Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Dearest Friends...it was in my saddest moments....

I didn't want to bring you sorrow or any pain.

My heart was filled with grief that's why I refrained....

I've remained away from everyone for fear my sadness would remain.

I never wanted anyone to feel what I have felt.

I never wanted anyone to be dealt the hand that I was dealt.

Losing someone you love is truly the hardest thing I ever felt.

Where are those dear friends today? I'm really not sure I know.

I left them all I separated when I hit my all time low.

I truly did not want this side of me to show.

As I pick up the pieces to my life and try to move on.

Pray for me, remember me, never forget our bond.

Remember the laughs we had, and all the fun we had.....and know that the old me is gone!

It's a new me trying to be released.

My new life filled with so much love, will show you how much I've truly increased.......

It's now time because my pain has finally ceased.

Copyright © 2013 Denise Loundes-Russell

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