Saturday, August 1, 2015

RoboCop is on the way...listen for that small still voice

The lack of human compassion is on the rise.
Yet that should be of no surprise.
Many prophecies are being fulfilled.
Murderers are hired to kill.
Trained liars it's no surprise they were taught to articulate the demise.
The demise of humans and especially black lives.

Black lives matter to those who have a human side.
We live in a world of unfair laws and the loopholes are far too wide.
Color doesn't matter they are achieving a goal.
The presence of a one world currency and robots for cops I am told.
A system set forth on the principals of control.

So if my silence concerns you don't be so abrupt.
Realize I am in a quiet place until my time is up.
There is so much work to do I am not just spinning my wheels.
I am listening to my heavenly Father because he knows the true deal.

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