Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Her legacy was Being a Giver!!

             You know I woke up feeling good this morning. I thought about how people try to say things to make you think you made the wrong decision. They will say something like a compliment but in that same breath say something to make you doubt yourself or make you feel you didn't do it their way. You are not willing to stay on your job and make others rich.....stay in your place....But God! God in that same moment began to touch hearts and show me everything is in His hands. Whether I will work for man or write for God. I think I choose to write for God.

                I transferred my children because that is what I felt led to do. We had continued our commute and boy was there a price. However, when I stopped worrying about how this change would effect us God began to move. The school they went to required uniforms but the school had changed the colors to tan pants only. Well a Sister from church said I have some Navy pants for your boys. I said thank you but I thought well Lord what do I do with them, I didn't want to take something I didn't need. However, I took them because I thought wow how kind.

                Another sister had just gone shopping for the children and I was like wow. All of a sudden all these people are just giving me so many things again. It truly made me realize I am in the right church. God had already proved his love in my transition, he let me know he was working through the people of God we had encountered. I felt like God if I leave this world I can feel confident that these people have shown me their love like Momma said and my family will be okay.

                  I visited a friend who is couponing and she was getting in trouble for "hoarding" so she said take some of this stuff I keep buying.

                  As you know I just left my job a little early for my normal calculations but God isn't working on my calculations.  I went to their new school and guess what was required the navy pants that were given while they were at their old school.That would have cost me another $100.00 plus.

              Next, I am leaving church and that same woman of God said "will this size fit you?" I said yes, she said "I have something for you." I told her that is so God. I just told my husband in our move, I couldn't find several things but my jacket stood out because God used my sister to bless me with the last leather coat I had. I share this testimony to say I don't know how God is going to do what he always does but I trust him to continue to take excellent care of me.

               As a child I can remember my Mom running into an old friend and he was walking on the highway. You could see he was having a hard time.  She said take this set of keys and I will drop the car off to you later. My mother saw him in need and she gave him the car she had. I never forgot how kind my mother was, he lived on the opposite side of New Jersey. I know that her giving is still blessing in my life today.

               It was the 2nd week in January,  I had paid my bills and I paid my tithe and I was finished. I got a call from an old neighbor who said there's a letter here for you. In the envelope was let's just say over a hundred dollars. It was not the amount so much as it was simply the fact that God had touched the heart of someone I had not talked to in a minute to bless me. It is in those moments I realize that if I am obedient I will eat the good of the land.

             No job supplies my needs, it is God and God only who supplies my need. We are the vessels but just look at what God has done. So at the end of my winter God is opening up abundant blessings and I trust him to do above all I could ask or think. Until this day people ask me how I became a Court Reporter and my answer is the same the goodness of God there was nothing I could have done to be blessed with that job. The woman did not know me but she had heard of my testimony and although I had the qualifications for the job it was through hearing a testimony that my life had changed I had finally been blessed with a job I loved. It was a job in which I had to type and read. Reading and writing are what I love to do the most.

Our prayers truly availeth much and he rewards but God rewards you for your testimonies. Remember to share the goodness of just may bless someone today.

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