Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chasing after peace in drama Mama!

Many people have made new years resolutions and I am committed to mines. I promised I was going to stay away from toxic people and people following any thing other than God's peace. I want to be on the winning team. I will not indulge anyone who has drama and can't address it. I am finished with worrying and trying to please people. I will enjoy those I love and those who love me in return because at the end of the day they really matter. The haters, the two faced people and those who simply hate me for those who love's just too much.  I apologize in advance but I simply don't have time or the energy. I have 5 children and 3 of which I am still trying to raise.

There is a real Devil out there seeking whom he may devour and I have to be on top of my game. I took my eyes off my children for a few months. I simply went back to a call center environment which took too much of my time, and made an hour commute each day and their grades went to hell. I have to be diligent and steadfast. I can not afford to be tired and worried about anybody else's drama. Anyone who knows me knows I don't want nobody else's man or whatever other crazy thoughts one may have. My Dad was an All star and it seemed every woman wanted him because he was handsome, self employed and was bringing in 6 figures. What they did not know was that he and his wife worked hard together to bring forth that fruit. So women thought they were just going to waltz in and take everything and my father and our family paid the price.

So please understand there is nothing I loathe more than a desperate side chick trying to destroy a family. When I sense them in my presence I get so disturbed it is ridiculous. Ask any of my friends, we have a code of honor and when one steps out of that place of honor it will never be the same. I was never willing to date any of my friends ex- boyfriends or even their crushes and I have a man. So just know I  don't want anyone else's man nor do I condone it. Be free from Satan's little devices of jealousy and manipulation because everything is transparent about me. You can truly read about my life on this blog and know I show my failures and truly take a hit. However, I try to keep it real because I know the end of the story, which is I win. My journey is showing all the bumps and the bruises because people always see the victory without recognizing there was a difficult journey to success. I will have the victory as long as my father is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and that is enough for me. Peace in 2015 that is what I long for!

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