Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Music Industry... Beautiful Black Sisters.....Open your eyes and see......

You attempt to emasculate our people from the depths of hell.
The pain of my ancestors...... they have suffered on this soil with silent yells.
Yet you find yourself caught up in an industry for money and fame.
Inevitably willing to sacrifice a generation but it will bring you to shame.
I'd rather walk away penniless than to be what hatred or what Satan wants me to be.
But it's all about making "that money" for an industry that would just as soon kill you and me. (Beautiful Tina then beautiful Whitney)
Momma warned you to stay away from thugs, murderers and drugs.
But apparently she forgot to warn you what ailed Tina and Ike "a dl in house Thug".
It was....no she was .....a meal ticket for Ike.... a mere man and the industry.....don't you see?
Thank God Tina was smart enough to walk away and be who God created her to be.

Denise Loundes-Russell ©2014

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