Monday, February 10, 2014

Get past the flesh.....

Caught up in this flesh.
Some never get past the mess.

They never realize who they were meant to be.
Never experiencing and never truly able to see.

Living a life of fantasy.
Not able to foresee.

I was once called an ethereal beauty.
It made me realize I was more special than the eye could see.

There was definitely something heavenly about me.
Or so my suitors would have me to believe.

No matter what their words would have an impact.
Fact or fiction I knew my life was stacked.

Not just stacked, not just physically.
Qualified even more mentally.

Therefore, I knew my fate was greater than what would meet the eye.
I knew that one day I would have it all and it would be no surprise.

Denise Loundes-Russell ©2014

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